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The experienced SEO link building company you’ve been looking for. It's really frustrating when your business website doesn't rank high on Google. You’ve got the copywriters, the shiny website with the technical SEO dialed in, developers working overtime, but somehow you’re still on page five. Missing out on inbound enquiries and knowing they’re going to your competitors never feels great.
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Last year Profit Engine helped 100 online businesses increase their Google rankings by 45%

Here’s how Profit Engine helps you. Your online business website needs links. Getting the AI Link Protocol is the most important step, and then we work with you according to your needs.
Getting clarity, building an action plan

AI Link Protocol

Comprehensive research
User- friendly data
Presented with charts and graphics
A backlink action plan
Highlighting short term impact opportunities
A roadmap for longer- term SEO success
The cost of the report can be used as credit if you decide to use Profit Engine's services — so essentially it’s free!
Getting your business above your competitors

Straightforward SEO Link Building Service

An 18- point rigorous screening process
A bespoke link builder to action your strategy
Bulk orders fulfilled
Managing links across multiple clients
Tier 2 and tier 3 links strategy to maximise your links
Excellent customer support
Proven results in numerous industries

Bespoke Support for Large and Small Online Businesses

Most projects starts with our ground- breaking AI Link Protocol. We’ll do the research, analysis, and strategic planning. All the data will be presented accessibly with charts and graphics, and you’ll have a clear backlink action plan.

If you do have an in-house SEO team, you can hand this plan to them to start implementing. If, like lots of online businesses, you don’t have access to SEO experts, we’ll use the report and begin to launch various link building campaigns on your behalf. Profit Engine will handle everything a successful campaign needs from content creation and bespoke link outreach through to anchor text selection. We’ll work closely with you to ascertain your goals and preferences and then you can relax knowing your link building is being taken care of.

Big or small, your online business can make huge SEO ranking progress with us. 

The AI Link Protocol's Proven Process.

  • We analyze the backlink profiles of your top competitors.
  • We use AI to score every single link for relevance.
  • This gives us a clear understanding of any authority discrepancies among your links.
  • Which tells you what types of links to build and how many links to build.
  • We then take the same process and apply it to inner pages so that we know exactly how many and what kind of links you need to build for each page of your site.
  • We will give you specific breakdowns to accurately plan your link building over set periods of time that we suggest.
Supporting your business, at your budget

How Much Do Link Building Services Cost?

AI Link Protocol
Profit Engine will manually analyse your website using our advanced scoring system and deliver exactly:
What types of links to build
How many links to build
Where to point your links to
How many time to build links over
Link Building Campaigns
If you already have a backlink strategy in place we can create link building campaigns to gain high authority and relevant guest posts and niche edits for your site. Profit Engine will support you with small orders of 5 links, all the way to bulk orders of 500 plus links.
Planning: We conduct competitor analysis and design an outreach template tailored to your needs.
Content: Our team of skilled English writers creates linkable content for you. We use Surfer SEO optimized content, which is included in the price.
Prospecting: We identify and reach out to websites that are genuinely interested in your content.
Outreach Template Creation: Our handcrafted and customized outreach templates are continuously refined and tested to maximize response rates.
Reporting: You'll receive your own Google Sheet, detailing the links we've secured and the status of your campaign.

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This is the home for our helpful guides where we breakdown the infinite rabbit-hole of link building, showcase our experiments and discuss our findings.