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Niche Edits Outreach.

White Hat Tactics to place links in highly relevant articles for Agencies, Affiliates and Ambitious Online Businesses
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Strategies That Deliver

Check out our four stage process.

Our team will find aged domains using our in house search operator and locate highly relevant content to place links.
Researching into your niche to find relevant keywords and competitor links.
We use a proprietary search engine to scan thousands of websites and find highly relevant pages for your links.
Outreach Template Creation
Our team will reach out to blog owners and ensure your link appears naturally within the chosen web page content.
Agency and Reseller friendly google sheets to manage all your orders.

Niche Edits Outreach Pricing.

500+ Organic Traffic
Sites vetted with 16-point checklist
Links from real sites
Do follow contextual link
1000+ Organic Traffic
Sites vetted with 16-point checklist
Links from real sites
Do follow contextual link
1000+ Organic Traffic
Sites vetted with 16-point checklist
Links from real sites
Do follow contextual link

Our primary objective is to ensure that you are fully prepared for the impactful link building process.

To initiate an order with Profit Engine, we kindly request that you schedule a call with us. This approach is driven by the high demand for our services. Building links without proper readiness can lead to ineffective outcomes and wasted investments, which is not our goal for your business.

To ensure you are ready for link building success, we have prepared an SEO website checklist for your convenience:
  • Professional Website: Your website should be professionally developed, with technical SEO aspects well-addressed.
  • Relevant Keywords: Identify the keywords that hold significance for your business and align with your objectives.
  • Engaging Content: Craft detailed and original website content that incorporates these relevant keywords.
  • Link Building Strategy: Establish a robust link building strategy, outlining clear and actionable steps for securing valuable backlinks.
  • Time for Link Building: If you have successfully completed the aforementioned steps, it is now the opportune moment to embark on the link building journey.

We invite you to book a call with us, enabling us to evaluate whether you have reached the critical fifth step and are primed for exponential growth in your search engine rankings. Should you not be at this stage yet, there is no need for concern. We are here to assist you in creating a strategy or guiding you towards the right direction.

(if you’re shy feel free to email us at support@myprofitengine.com)
Knowing your onions

What are Niche Edits?

Niche edits are an effective SEO strategy that involves adding relevant backlinks to existing content on a website. They offer a number of benefits for improving your website's SEO:
  • Quick Results: Niche edits utilize aged articles that are already indexed by Google. This means you can see results faster compared to other methods that require waiting for new content to be indexed.
  • Cost-Effective: Since you're not paying for new content creation, niche edits are a more affordable option for building backlinks. It allows you to achieve SEO improvements while saving on content creation costs.
  • Leveraging Existing Authority: The articles where the niche edits are placed often have tiered links pointing to them. This not only saves costs but also means the content has already gained authority and likely receives traffic. This further enhances the effectiveness of the backlinks.
  • Natural Link Building: Niche edits provide a more organic approach to building backlinks. Rather than creating new content solely for the purpose of linking, niche edits leverage existing content, making them a more natural and seamless addition to the website.

In summary, niche edits offer quick results, cost-effective benefits, leverage existing authority, and provide a more natural way of building backlinks. They can significantly improve your website's SEO by boosting authority and search engine rankings.
IT's all about the benefits

Why Choose Profit Engines Niche Edits?

We prioritize relevance and results when it comes to links, which is why we invested heavily in our proprietary search engine. It scans thousands of websites to find the most relevant content for you, ensuring effective link building.Our 16-point checklist, combined with this advanced search engine, guarantees the safest niche edits possible. With this approach, you can avoid Google penalties and gain a competitive edge over your competitors.

Here are some additional perks our experienced team and processes provide:
  • 30 day turnaround time
  • Links vetted by our link farm blacklist
  • Guaranteed link for life, if your link drops off we will replace it for free!
  • Anchor text selection for optimal optimization
  • No duplicate links, ensuring a diverse backlink profile
  • With our expertise and comprehensive processes, you can trust us to deliver effective and secure niche edits for your SEO strategy.
The usual suspects

Questions & Answers.

In order to work with Profit Engine you will need to get in contact with us via email or booking a call. Once we have had a chat and we are happy we can work together the next steps will be payment. Once you have paid, we will send a simple order form that only takes a minute to fill out. Once complete, send it back to our team and we can start working on the links. It's as simple as that!

We check a number of metrics manually including, making sure that the website does not have spam links, has traffic and a good OBL (out bound links) to IBL (in bound links ratio).

Yes — with our years of experience and knowledge in outreach we have got our clients life changing results. We have never worked with a site hit by Google penalties due to our link building.

This is not a service we provide. Its not really possible to do when we are always outreaching for new sites. If for some reason you are really unhappy with one of the links, we can replace it free of charge.

This is up to you, if you have a strategy for anchors then you can choose them yourself. If you want our team to do it for you then that is no problem at all!

The only niches we don’t work in are gambling and the adult industry.

We use Surfer for two key reasons. A) It helps your Guest Post rank for long tail keywords that are related to your key term improving the overall value of your link. B) It helps when pitching content, what website doesn’t want guest post content that ranks?

Yes, definitely we work with agencies that want links that move the needle for their clients rankings. To find out more book a call.


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