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HARO Link Building.

Take your brand to the next level with super-authoritative links that your competitors can only dream of. Get featured on some of the largest publications in the world and E-E-A-T-proof your site at the same time!
Strategies That Deliver

Our simple 3-step process to start building you links that Google loves..

Select Your Ideal Package.
Kickstart your journey with us by choosing the package that aligns with your business goals. Once you've made your selection, we'll send you a streamlined survey to gather crucial insights into your business and expertise. This helps us tailor our pitching strategies to spotlight your unique brand.

Get Featured By Top-Tier Journalists.
Leave the heavy lifting to us. We actively track journalist inquiries, identifying the golden opportunities that match your business profile. Once we spot a promising lead, we perform a rigorous evaluation of the media outlet to ensure it aligns with your brand values. Armed with this data, we craft compelling, standout pitches designed to grab journalists' attention and elevate your brand's authority. With hundreds of successful pitches under our belt, we know the secrets to making your story irresistible.

Real-Time Pitch Tracking & Comprehensive Reporting.
Witness the fruits of our labor in real-time. As we secure high-quality links and mentions for your brand, you'll receive instant updates through a comprehensive, live report. Track your success, view new link acquisitions, and watch your brand reputation soar.

HARO Link Building Pricing.

5 x SUPER Authoritative Links
Minimum of 5 guaranteed links (could be more!)
Super-high DR and traffic sites
Authentic HARO outreach
Links from large publications
Delivery: 60–90 days
Single payment
10 x SUPER Authoritative Links
Minimum of 10 guaranteed links (could be more!)
Super-high DR and traffic sites
Authentic HARO outreach
Links from large publications
Delivery: 90–110 days
Payment split across two months
20 x SUPER Authoritative Links
Minimum of 20 guaranteed links (could be more!)
Super-high DR and traffic sites
Authentic HARO outreach
Links from large publications
Delivery: 90–180 days
Payment split across two months.

How do I place an order?

To kick start the process, we kindly request that you schedule a call with us. This approach is driven by the high demand for our services. Our primary objective is to ensure that you are fully prepared for the impactful link building process. Building links without proper readiness can lead to ineffective outcomes and wasted investments, which is not our goal for your business. To ensure you are ready for link building success, we have prepared an SEO website checklist for your convenience:
Professional Website
Your website should be professionally developed, with technical SEO aspects well-addressed.
Relevant Keywords
Identify the keywords that hold significance for your business and align with your objectives.
Engaging Content
Craft detailed and original website content that incorporates these relevant keywords.
Link Building Strategy
Establish a robust link building strategy, outlining clear and actionable steps for securing valuable backlinks.
Time for Link Building
If you have successfully completed the aforementioned steps, it is now the opportune moment to embark on the link building journey.
We invite you to book a call with us, enabling us to evaluate whether you have reached the critical fifth step and are primed for exponential growth in your search engine rankings. Should you not be at this stage yet, there is no need for concern. We are here to assist you in creating a strategy or guiding you towards the right direction.

(if you’re shy feel free to email us at support@myprofitengine.com)
Never mind what we say. Take our clients words for it.
Knowing your onions

What is HARO Link Building?

HARO (Help A Reporter Out) is a popular platform that connects journalists with expert sources—like you! The service allows journalists to submit queries seeking expert commentary, quotes, or insights for their stories, articles, and research. Experts and businesses provide the requested information and earn mentions and backlinks from reputable media outlets. This makes HARO an invaluable tool for link building as part of a broader SEO strategy.
HARO can be a valuable tool for enhancing E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), which is an important set of guidelines that search engines like Google use to assess the quality of a website. Here's why HARO is particularly important for improving E-E-A-T:
Experience: Engaging with industry-relevant queries through HARO showcases your real-world experience. This emphasizes your ongoing commitment to your field, and builds a proven track record of practical knowledge and application of skills.
Expertise: By contributing insightful and well-informed responses to journalist queries through HARO, you can showcase your knowledge and skills in your field. When your expert commentary is published, it serves as a public record of your know-how.
Authoritativeness: Being cited or mentioned in reputable publications boosts your authority within your industry. These citations are not just valuable backlinks—they are endorsements from trusted media outlets that lend credibility to your profile.
Trustworthiness: Earning a mention in a respected publication through HARO can enhance your site or brand's trustworthiness. This is especially valuable if the publication itself already has a high degree of trust among readers and within your industry.

Using HARO to earn high-quality backlinks and mentions from reputable sources can go a long way in boosting your E-E-A-T ratings. This, in turn, positively impacts your site's SEO performance, making HARO a vital tool for anyone looking to increase their online presence.
The usual suspects

Questions & Answers.

While we have a high regard for Terkel and appreciate its forward-thinking platform, it’s not integrated into our current workflow. Terkel is primarily designed for attaining premium guest post submissions, not generating authentic, journalistically-earned media placements. Even though such links can be valuable and should be included in a holistic link-building approach, we are committed to maintaining the integrity of authentic press links through platforms like HARO and other public relations request services.

Unfortunately, no. Journalists do not collaborate with us to decide on the anchor text. They typically opt for branded anchor text, such as your company name or your personal name.

We initiate the pitching process right away, but journalists operate on their own schedules. Also, some publications have extensive editing procedures. While we can't guarantee an accelerated process, it's very possible that your first link could be secured earlier than 2 to 4 weeks.

Regrettably, we can't offer pitch reviews. Timely submission is essential because journalists often receive numerous pitches, and we aim to be among the first they consider.

We work in all niches and industries, with the exception of gambling, adult content, pharmaceutical, and CBD niches

While HARO is a key tool in our arsenal, we also utilize a variety of other PR request platforms that enable us to directly pitch to journalists.

Absolutely. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.

We aim to ensure that at least 50% of the links we generate are do-follow. Some prestigious publications don't offer do-follow links, and in these cases we’d rather build no-follow links than miss such valuable opportunities.

We focus on high-caliber publications known for syndication to other top-tier sites. Only syndicated do-follow links that meet your order's metric criteria will be counted toward your total.

We continue to pitch to the same publications until we secure a link, and sometimes we get multiple links from the same source. In such cases, you'll be billed for the first and second links. A third link from the same publication will be complimentary. Note: This only applies to sites with a Domain Rating (DR) of 70 or higher. For sites with a DR below 70, only the first link is billable and any second link is free of charge.


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