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Asbestos Testing Kit Company

This case study is about an ecommerce website in the home niche. They supply asbestos sampling kits for homes and commercial properties. We've been working with them since 2019, when they weren’t getting nearly enough buyers.

B2C Website



growth in search traffic


The challenge

Everything but Customers

Our client’s main issue was insufficient online sales. They simply needed more traffic to get more buyers. They had a great site and a great product, but they didn’t know where to start when it came to links or what pages they needed to rank higher.

Our Solution

The first thing we noticed is that the client needed to build more topical authority in their niche.

We advised them to create blog content around their ideal keywords and then we created a link strategy for these content pages to help them rank.

They started ranking higher for relevant, lower-level keywords, and this helped them generate more traffic and build a good foundation for targeting buyer-intent keywords.Once we started to targeting those buyer intent keywords, we found it a lot easier to rank because we had already built enough topical authority,
We started to target buyer intent keywords. We found it a lot easier to rank for these keywords because we have been building topical authority,

The Results

our strategy delivered a huge boost to sales
1860% increase in organic search traffic.
Lower bounce rates and higher pages per session showing improved conversions.
Maintained a completely natural, organic link profile to avoid risks.

Key Takeaway

We focused first on topical authority, as we knew this would provide a great foundation for targeting more competitive search terms with inherent buyer intent. The results below speak for themselves.

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