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10 Cool Websites for Digital Marketers

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One of the first things you learn when joining the digital marketing industry is that you’ll need a variety of tools to help you along your way. With content, you only have a few seconds at best to capture the attention of your audience, so it needs to be really really good. Not only do you need high-quality content, but you need to make it stand out from your competitors, and there are a range of tools that can help you do that. Not only that, It's quite a broad discipline, from social media through to link building so you will never master all. Here are some really useful, cool websites for digital marketers to kick their content up a notch.


Arguably one of the most time consuming tasks in the digital marketing industry is creating your social media posts. You need it to be on brand, eye catching and informational. This can take hours using simple editing tools. Contentdrips offers a quick and easy solution to this problem by giving you the ability to make stunning social media graphics within minutes. It automatically updates each and every piece of content with your name, social media handle and your photos. Easily create:

  • Animated Text Videos
  • QuotePik
  • Social Snaps
  • Carousel Maker
  • Text To Carousel
  • Tweet To Video
  • LinkedIn Text Styler

And spend more time creating wonderful content for your brand!

Content Row

Even the best of writers make mistakes sometimes, and Content Row helps you eliminate the risk of accidentally publishing less than optimal content. It works by analysing the text you’ve written to find any spelling or grammatical errors as well as offering suggestions to improve sentence structure. It will also pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses so you can grow as a writer. This handy tool also comes with a headline analyser and a topic follower, meaning it can help suggest any points you may have missed or could go into further detail on.


Some programs simply don’t work as you’d imagined, or perhaps you don’t fancy the idea of shelling out £60 a month for a program you’re only going to use a handful of times. AlternativeTo have resolved this problem by giving you (yep, you’ve guessed it) alternative programs or websites you can use. Popular programs like Adobe and Microsoft Word have many alternatives that are not only cheaper (or free), but work exactly like the original program. Save yourself the frustration and money by checking out AlternativeTo when you’re in need of a particular program, app, service, or even game!


Coggle is a great tool for collecting ideas from the whole team. Say you’ve got a project you’re working on that needs the sales team, the marketing team and the technical team to work together, but you’re all in different locations - how do you brainstorm together? By using Coggle, you can quickly and easily collate ideas with your colleagues in an organised and attractive manner. Especially since the pandemic hit, working side by side has become a bit of a challenge. However, you and your team can now work simultaneously on a project no matter the distance.

Digital Inspiration

One of the most effective ways of working together with your team and safely storing your work online is by using the Google Suite. With many programs such as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides (just to name a few), you can easily create content for your website, email marketing and social media. Digital Inspiration builds bespoke solutions that use the capabilities and the features of GSuite for automating business processes and driving business productivity. Digital Inspiration have also published a plethora of how-to guides surrounding GSuite which you can access to solve a wide range of problems you and your team may run into using it.


You might have amazing products and kick-ass content on your website, but a simple fact is that if your website doesn’t load fast enough, you’re going to lose customers. GTmetrix is a simple tool that allows you to analyse your website’s performance. If your website isn’t optimal, the tool will tell you why and how you can fix the problem as well as offering optimisation opportunities. The last thing you want is to lose out on custom because of a slow website, so assess its performance today!


If you’re struggling to find video content for your branded website or marketing plan, Pexels is an incredible site to turn to. Packed full of completely free stock images and videos, you can easily find something to suit your project. It works by allowing budding photographers and videographers to upload their content. You can download this content for free and use it! Once you’ve downloaded the content you’d like to use, Pexels provides you with a link you can use to credit the contributor. It’s not mandatory, but it’s very much appreciated. So if you’re struggling to create the perfect video for your marketing campaign, check Pexels to see what content they have available!

Digital Defynd

Nobody is perfect and there’s always room for growth in your knowledge. You and your team work hard on your digital marketing, so why not expand that knowledge not only to boost your business but your skills too? Digital Defynd helps you find the best courses, certifications and tutorials online - for free! They find courses in Marketing, Design and Development (as well as many other courses). Give your company its best chance by taking the courses where your knowledge lacks and improve your digital marketing skills!

Hashtag Stack

Hashtags are an incredibly powerful way of reaching new and potential customers but honestly, they can be such a pain to deal with! If you’re struggling to get a good reach and interaction with the hashtags you’re using, you can use Hashtag Stack to generate high performing hashtags in your industry. You simply type in the hashtag(s) relevant to your industry and how many likes you typically receive on your posts and it will find the best hashtags for your posts. It may generate more than the limit of thirty on Instagram, but you can easily select the hashtags you want and use them on your posts. So, if your posts have been a little lackluster with interaction, try out Hashtag Stack!


Making videos is another extremely time consuming part of digital marketing and sometimes, all you need is a quick video that you can reuse in your marketing plan. For example, if you’re utilising YouTube, you’ll need to create an intro and outro that you can use on every video. Invideo makes tasks like these incredibly simple by providing you with templates you can use and personalise for your brand. Use it for product video ads, customer testimonials, or even webinar promotions. A fast and simple way to create beautiful videos for your business.


Some of these services are completely free too! Even those that are paid are worth the investment, especially if it saves you time and effort on your marketing plan. As you can see even at a first glance, these websites could dramatically help your marketing efforts, meaning your team can get ahead of the game. Not only that, but you can make tasks much easier like editing the copy you’ve written or making fast yet effective videos for your social media channels. So the next time you start a project or need to carry out a campaign for your company, consider using these websites to help you along the way.


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