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UK Life Insurance Provider

Our client is a UK-based insurance provider selling life insurance and critical injury cover. When starting with us in 2020, they had minimal web presence and struggled ranking against major insurance brands.

B2C Website



growth in search traffic


The challenge

Optimized For The Wrong Keywords

With no effective search strategy, our client wasted time and money optimizing for the wrong keywords and backlinks. They needed an approach tailored to compete in the crowded insurance space.

Our Solution

Phase One
We advised a staggered strategy to methodically build authority before tackling competitive keywords.
Identified less competitive long-tail keywords to target first. Built links to optimize pages around these terms.
Phase TWO
With a solid foundation, went after higher value insurance keywords. Continued strengthening backlink profile and content.

The Results

our staggered strategy delivered huge growth
1543% increase in organic search traffic, up to 2,000+ monthly visitors.
Ranking on page 1 of Google for core insurance keywords.
Converted newly ranked keywords into more leads and sales.
Ongoing optimization continues to expand reach and traffic every month.

Key Takeaway

With the right phased approach, we drove quadruple-digit growth for a new insurance site in a highly competitive space. A focus on building authority before targeting core terms was key to their success.

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