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Furnished Apartment Rental Company

Our client is an online marketplace offering beautifully furnished apartments for business travelers. Despite their high-quality inventory, they struggled to drive traffic and rank against major property rivals.

B2C Website



growth in search traffic


The challenge

Lacking in Authority

When they came to us in 2018, they were only getting 18,622 organic searches per month. Their on-page elements and content quality was strong, but a lack of links was hurting their visibility and preventing growth.

Our Solution

We conducted an in-depth, competitive link-gap analysis, evaluating the authority and relevance of our client’s backlinks versus those of their competitors. This revealed exactly where they fell short.

We advised them to bolster their power by linking content pages to their bottom-of-funnel pages, as they lacked quality links to internal hub pages.

Armed with these insights, we executed a targeted link-building campaign to strengthen their domain authority and improve rankings for key terms.

The Results

our strategy drove phenomenal growth
1,402% increase in organic search traffic, up to 280,000+ monthly sessions.
Now ranking #1 on Google for core keywords like "monthly furnished rentals.
Lower bounce rates and higher-pages-per session, showing improved conversions.
Secured 500+ new, high-quality links from relevant blogs, directories, and niche sites.
Earned links from pages targeting competitive keywords like "corporate housing" and "furnished rentals."
Maintained a completely natural, organic link profile to avoid risks.

Key Takeaway

Over 18 months of executing this strategy, we drove phenomenal growth for our client with an over 1,400% increase in organic search traffic and up to 280,000 monthly sessions. They are now ranking #1 on Google for core keywords like "monthly furnished rentals. They are now enjoying lower bounce rates and higher amounts of pages-per-session, indicating improved conversions.

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