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How to know exactly what links you need to rank at a low cost

Buy our AI Link Protocol to find out how many links, which type and where you need to point them.

If you’ve been spending money trying to build links and rank on Google..

But it’s costing you way more than it should be or you’re getting really inconsistent results — it’s not your fault. Watch my short video on how exactly Profit Engine can help you.

Helping you avoid your sites traffic tank after an algorithm update

How do we make sure that you are getting the best quality links for your site to get you results like this?

Michael Stefanoudis, a marketing director, had been trying and failing to hit page one on Google for time for competitive keywords in his niche.

But he just couldn’t get the momentum he needed to hit page one.

Fortunately, we were able to make one little change identified from The AI Link Protocol which allowed him to smash page one for some very hot keywords as a result.
We came up with a system that is able to look at each individual link going to all your competitors pages, using AI, we can score them.

This is a high level overview of how our scoring system works:
1. We analyze the backlink profiles of your top competitors.
2. We use AI to score every single link for relevance.
3. This gives us a clear understanding of any authority discrepancies among your links.
4. Which tells you what types of links to build and how many links to build.
5. We then take the same process and apply it to inner pages so that we know exactly how many and what kind of links you need to build for each page of your site.
6. We will give you specific breakdowns to accurately plan your link building over set periods of time that we suggest.
Ultimately you'll have a clear idea of the optimal link building speed to achieve your desired ranking, and you'll also know precisely how to manage your link velocity.

You can get results like this...


How to know exactly what links you need to rank at a minimal cost

This entire process is available through the AI Link Protocol where we will manually analyse your website using our AI scoring model and deliver exactly:

1. What types of links to build
2. How many links to build
3. Where to point your links to
4. How many months to build your links over

This is basically your complete war plan and strategy for link building.

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